William weiqing teh 01 fantasyhousemodel lside
William weiqing teh 02 fantasyhousemodel rsidelow
William weiqing teh 03 fantasyhousemodel rcam
William weiqing teh 04 fantasyhousemodel frontdoor
William weiqing teh blocking it in

Camera model blockin based on the Concept Art angle.

William weiqing teh wireframe
William weiqing teh gates render

Model some additional door gates that can be use as an alternative door.

William weiqing teh gates render2

I found some unused concept art from FF and used it to start to learning how to make a 3D model in Maya. Learnt how to model based on a camera angle to work out the proportions and add details to it.

The process:
-Photoshop to work out the angles count the different model parts.
-Used Maya to block in the model based on the Art Camera Angle.
-Made the model large massing parts
-added the details
-render in Arnold

More artwork
William weiqing 1nakata teh 001 nara beauty